Writing this at the end of 2012, the list of sources for my monthly Tolkien Transactions seems to grow longer and longer and to take up quite a bit of space. I will therefore collect the sources here instead, and then put a link to this page for those who wish to see the details. (Updated 2014-04-02)

Almost all the sources that I share here allows “subscription” via RSS or Atom feeds. I subscribe to them all (and then some) using Feedly and that is how I keep track of things. Hopefully I will at some time be able to say something more about all the various blogs appearing here — or perhaps give the direct links to the associated RSS feeds that I subscribe to ...  but that will have to wait until I have some more time ;-)
For practical reasons, I have split my sources into a number of sections (more may be added at a later date):
Tolkien scholars who regularly writes on their blog about Tolkien and Tolkien-related matters.
Tolkien blogs where there's seldom something that is not related to Tolkien
Tolkienists (including scholars) who occasionally write about Tolkien-related matters on their blog
Tolkien artists whose art is inspired by Tolkien's work and who have an RSS feeds so that you can follow their work.
Tolkien news where you can find news-stories about Tolkienian matters.
Printed  the monthly or by-monthly bulletins and newsletters of various societies.

Tolkien scholars
who regularly writes on their blog about Tolkien and Tolkien-related matters.

John D. Rateliff (JDR) — ‘Sacnoth's Scriptorium’

Jason Fisher (JF) — ‘Lingwë — Musings of a Fish’

Michael Drout (MD) — ‘Wormtalk and Slugspeak’

Douglas A. Anderson (DAA) — ‘Tolkien and Fantasy’

Wayne G. Hammond & Christina Scull (H&S) — ‘Too Many Books and Never Enough’

Corey Olsen (CO), ‘The Tolkien Professor’

David Bratman (DB), ‘Kalimac’
and the old home:

Anna Smol (AS), ‘Anna Smol | A Single Leaf’

John Garth (JGa), ‘John Garth’

John Garth (JGa), ‘John Garth’
Not a blog as such, but a web-site that is regularly updated with e.g. reviews and new information about Tolkien's early legendarium.

Journal of Tolkien Research (JTR), Various posters

Mythgard Institute (MI), Various posters

Tolkien blogs
Tolkienists who seldom writes about thing other than Tolkien on these blogs

Bruce Charlton (BC), ‘Tolkien's The Notion Club Papers’

Marcel R. Aubron-Bülles (MB), ‘The Tolkienist’

Andrew Higgins (AH), ‘Wotan's Musings’

The Tolkien Society (TS), various posters

The Mythopoeic Society (MS), various posters (Tolkien and the Inklings)

Morgan Thomsen (MT), ‘Mythoi’

Renée Vink (RV), ‘Things that Ring in my Head’

Various, ‘The Northeast Tolkien Society’ (NETS), ‘Heren Istarion’

Various, Southfarthing Mathom (SM) — The new blog for the Tolkien Reading Group (Southampton UK), The Southfarthing Smial

Various, Taruithorn Miruvor (TM) — The online magazine of the Oxford Tolkien Society

Emil Johansson (EJ), ‘The LotrProject Blog’

Holly Rodgers (HR), ‘Teaching Tolkien’

‘Ilverai’ (Il). ‘Wandering Paths’

‘The Real LotR’ (RL), ‘The Real LotR’

Michael Martinez (MM), ‘Middle-earth’

Troels Forchhammer (TF), ‘Parma-kenta’

(including scholars) who occasionally writes about Tolkien-related things on these blogs

Larry Swain (LS), ‘The Ruminate’

Andrew Wells (AW), ‘Musings of an Aging Fan’

Nancy Marie Brown (NMB), ‘God of Wednesday’

Henry Gee (HG) ‘cromercrox’, ‘The End of the Pier Show’

Pieter Collier (PC) — ‘The Tolkien Library’

Steuard Jensen (SJ), ‘Strings, Rings, and Other Things’

Tom Simon (TSi), ‘The Superversive’

Douglas A. Anderson (DAA) et Al. — ‘Wormwoodiana’

Jonathan S. McIntosh (JM), ‘The Flame Imperishable’

Sørina Higgins (SH), ‘Iambic Admonit’

Tolkien artists
with feeds so that you can follow their work

John Howe (JH)

Jenny Dolfen (JD)

Joe Gilranon (JGi)

Aaron Diaz (AD), ‘The Silmarillion Project’

Ted Nasmith (TN), ‘Ted Nasmith’

Jef Murray (JMu), ‘Jef Murray’

David Simmons (DS), ‘Aiya Ilúvatar’

Aaron Diaz (AD), ‘The Silmarillion Project’

Tolkien news

Josh Vogt (JV), ‘Tolkien Examiner’

Google News search for ‘Tolkien’

The last three sources listed here are in print, and the links are to the websites where they can be ordered. Mythprint and Beyond Bree allow digital subscription at very reasonable rates.

Mythprint — ‘The Quarterly Bulletin of the Mythopoeic Society’

Amon Hen — the Bulletin of the Tolkien Society

Beyond Bree — the newsletter of the Tolkien Special Interest Group of the Americal Mensa

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